Cyberpunk Goddess Programs a New you

A powerful Goddess with a transformation fetish will make 2022 the year of the new you! With this I wish you a Happy New you in 2022.

You’ve never been able to make changes stick in your life but that’s because you never had the firm hand of a Female Dominant in your life. Imagine following my programming and discovering new fetishes and pleasures that you never thought possible. It can be a Happy New you for 2022. The human brain is hackable, like any other simple machine, begin here…

Cyberpunk Goddess Devora Moore hacks your brain to build a new you in 2022!

You will never go to space like Jeff Bozos but you don’t need to because you have galaxies of depravation to explore in your mind!

Devora Moore is your sexy cyberpunk Goddess and I’ll tell you why you need a creatively sadistic Goddess to mindfuck and hypnotize you and I will do just that while I implant new fetishes for tickling, new fetishes for my cock and body, new fetishes for whatever entertains me. Using my irresistible curvy body, my big breasts falling out of my bra, my words wrapping tentacles of seduction and dominance around your mind, you will follow along with the screen directions as your upload begins, stroking yourself along with the otherworldly visions of my body. You will complete your download by consuming your cum and enter the Octoverse, my universe of human playthings. This is just the beginning of my programming, you will start now by downloading this clip update.

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This programming will serve as the system operations while new fetishes are introduced.

Goddess Devora Moore has plans for a whole new you and that includes implanting new fetishes, like taboo, female supremacy, blasphemy and Goddess worship. You will see Mary, the Matriarch of the Catholic religion in a whole new light. She narrates this to her firstborn, Jesus, and explains what will happen to him, and probably anyone who tries to cross her again, the way God did when he took her for his own. She will lead you in a chant, like a rosary prayer, to her ultimate power and control over you and your suffering. Experience feasting at her breast, large areola, big nipples as she explains the life she has planned for you. Download and update your system with this to see femdom and MiLF fetish in a whole new way!

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Expand your storage for submission by fetishizing the mundane. Open up new worlds to show your devotion and depravity with a fart fetish.

Go deeper into my thoughts on this fetish with my blog. Start with Fart of Seduction: a puff piece on fart fetishes, or if you prefer to hear it my own words and voice, listen to the mp3 of me reading it here.

You might find that you have a sudden yoga pants fetish after watching Aunt Trudy’s gassy clip, this is not unexpected or unwelcome. You’ve been staring at women in yoga pants working out and I’m going to use that against you in Pegging in Leggings. That strap-on fetish just reached new depths with my ruination of your orgasm and expectations!

You’ve watched me work out at the gym, the sexy cougar in the tight yoga pants and short shorts. I know you find my big, strong ass mesmerizing and wonder what I do with a booty so big? Well, you’re in luck because I *am* into butt stuff and I’ll do it on our first date. Let me tell you all about how it’s going to go while I act it out in front of you. You were already lost at the sight of my curves in a snake print yoga workout outfit, but I will continue to tell you how our first date will go. First dinner and then we’ll get on the floor together and get our heartbeats racing! Once your mouth is gagged with my sock you will realize what kind of butt stuff I am actually into, but by then I already have 2 fingers in your asshole. You will just have to get this clip to see how the rest of our date goes!

Devora Moore in Pegging in Leggings