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What is the 12 Days of Devor-mas?

Upgrade your kinky advent season with the 12 Days of Devor-mas! What is the 12 Days of Devor-mas? Well, Devor-mas is the end of the year celebration that recognizes the beauty, creativity and power of our wonderful Goddess Mother, Devora Moore. She has curated a different experience every day, from all new body worship clips to special secret Santa savings.  This 12 day countdown begins Monday, December 13th with the first gift … 12 sexy heels!

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12 Days of Devor-mas 2021


If you see 12 heels and are suddenly drooling then you will love the start of the 12 Days of Devor-mas! If you counted and noticed there are only 10 heels actually pictured then you are, indeed, an attentive devotee. For today you get the pleasure of seeing and worshipping my legs and feet in sexy heels with an all new clip featuring my favorite 6 pairs of shoes. You will enjoy every minute of this special foot and leg worship POV with boots, strappy stilettos, platforms and even spiky black pumps. The treats don’t end there as I’ve also listed my hottest, sexiest pair of heels for sale, just in time to gift yourself something deliciously deviant.

That’s why there are only 10 shoes pictured, the last pair you will just have to scoop up before anyone else does!

Mommy’s Sexiest Heels

You can finally get your hands (and more) on the heels that have made you My bitch! The first time you were fucked by them in My Conservatorship clip, they have danced through your fantasies, and now you need to own them. They are the closest you’ll ever get to Me. Will they be enough to satisfy your every craving for My dominance? 

Your purchase of these includes custom packaging and audio file with instructions for how to worship these shoes to My standards.

These are size 8.5, brown with gold buckles and zippers in the back. They have a one and a half inch platform, perfect for stepping on you with, and a massive 6 inch heel! Try and resist the urge to measure yourself against the heel, even better, good luck keeping this heel out of your orifices. I bet your mouth is watering just thinking about gagging on these!

Check out the full clip here:

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Since I know good pets will want to make sure I have some new heels to unwrap for the holidays, check out all the sexy shoes on my wishlist and pick out a pair that makes you weak…

On the 11th Day of Devor-mas, the Goddess gave to you…

A tease is like a gift that you are always unwrapping and never fully enjoying and my glorious Goddess cunt has never looked better than it does in this clip. My clear chair will make the perfect tool to deny you. At first you will only view my body through the thick plastic as I show you my big tits and seduce you with my body in red, lacy lingerie. Your POV is just below me, on the floor while I sit above you and invite you to worship and desire me, like you have any choice.

Unwrap me here:

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You are already going to buy this clip because you might get the chance to see my big hairy pussy, completely visible as I turn the chair around and nothing comes between your view and my body, lit only by natural sunlight framed beautifully by plants like a modern garden of Eden. Follow my long black fingernails as I tease my clit and pussy first through the fabric of my bodysuit and, in time, I will reveal to you what you crave. Will you be able to take your eyes off my feet long enough to catch glimpses of my Goddess Cunt? You’ll just have to watch it to see!

For the best submissive experience, pair your viewing with my pdf of written worship instructions, like this: “While on your knees, stare at my large nipples. Take a deep inhale and then bow, try to get your face as close to the floor as you can. Say (out loud) “Thank you Goddess Devora”. Reflect on your unworthiness to view such sights and my generosity in giving you the opportunity to…”

On the 10th Day of Devor-mas the Goddess gave to you…10 Fingers Tickling!

That’s right, today is all about one of my favorite fetishes, tickle torture!

For our shared viewing pleasure, enjoy the conclusion of Hotel Hookup 1 which shows just how turned on Quiver and I get when we are engaged in tickling. There’s also a brand new blog post on my site in which you’ll discover what I love most about being a sadistic tickling top! Enjoy that free clip, too, with some fun feather tickler unboxing.

If tickling isn’t your thing, stay tuned because tomorrow is the first of our Secret Santa Savings…

Hotel Hookup 2

Clips4Sale      ManyVids

OctoGoddess ManyVids XXX Devora Moore

Ho, Ho, Heaux…It’s the first of our Super Secret Santa Surprises! For the next seven days only, over 20 of my highest rated videos on my ManyVids site are on sale for 30% for Day 9 in the 12 Days of Devor-mas.

I must be feeling some sort of seasonal affection disorder to be so generous in my gifts to you all so I better see a bunch of 5 star reviews. Now, go and be a good elf and stuff your stocking with more of my cougar MiLF p o r n.

On the 8th Day of Devor-mas, Goddess Devora gave to you…8 Interesting Octopus Facts! You know octopuses are weird creatures and I am a weird fetish connoisseur, so naturally I have selected some of my favorite weird octopus facts in this free video inspired by what I learned on here.

For the 7th Day of Devor-mas, Goddess Devora gave to you…7 Mantras of MORE! That’s right, an audio only ASMR clip with my sensual submissive deepening instructions, mesmerizing voice and moaning “MOOOORE’s”. The first of it’s kind enhanced audio with special effects brought from the depths of my dominant imagination to the soon to be empty space between your ears. Can you listen to the whole thing and resist giving me MORE?

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The most common holiday gift is socks! Naturally, Mommy Devora Moore is here to stuff your stocking full of my used and abused socks, from thick scrunchy socks to striped toe socks…all the way to my perfectly high arched, wrinkled soles. You get to watch me teasingly remove each sock, give it a personal “treatment” and stuff your stocking with it! It’s so arousing to think of your humiliating gift that I wet myself, don’t worry one of your socks will do to soak it up.. . You will never look at getting socks the same way again! Can you make it all the way to end to see my highly arched, wrinkled soles finally appear on screen as the final unwrapping of my feet concludes! Do even better and grab some of my socks for yourself to use and sniff and devote yourself to.


ManyVids    Clips4Sale

For the 5th Day of Devor-mas, Goddess Devora gave to you…$5 fanclub special! For the first 12 people to join, my premium fanclub is just $5 for 30 days. Normally it’s $8.88 (of course) but I’m discounting it for the first time ever! Don’t miss this chance for BTS, exclusive photosets, bloopers and teasers from upcoming projects. If you loved the secret Santa savings during 12 Days, you will love my premium fanclub because I like to send my best fans secret savings all year long, like 20% off custom videos and more!

Devora Moore OctoGoddess Fanclub Mrs Claus ManyVids
Cuckolding Mrs Claus Santa

For Santa (or anyone else who is more married to their job than their spouse), I have made a uniquely OctoGoddess Original…Mrs. Claus Cucks Santa! Only the imagination of Devora Moore can bring a cougar cuckold fantasy to life like this! Imagine being Santa Claus, the one guy who everyone loves to see…except for his wife, she’d much prefer the younger, smaller elves to pleasure her! She’ll tell you just how much your devotion to your work and gaining all that weight lead to her using the elves for her own enjoyment. Sure, their productivity has decreased since they’ve been spending their nights with their small heads and hands all over her body but you’ll just tell everyone it was a supply chain issue. She will treat you to sights of her pinup look, crinoline skirt with stocking and a garter underneath while she tells you exactly what you aren’t getting!

BUY it now!

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Just 3 Days left of 12 Days of Devor-mas and our final Secret Santa Surprise is here! From today until the end of the year, purchase ANY Goody from Niteflirt (and rate it) and get 3 FREE minutes to talk with me! Let’s kick off 2022 by letting me implant some new fetishes in your mind! Call me in January and we can get started on your programming…

Two perfect feet, framed by lush houseplants and natural sunlight, the most elegant arches, long toes and shiny red nail polish. My feet, your gift for Day 2 of 12 Days of Devor-mas! Free on my premium fanclub or available for purchase here.

findom Devora Moore Goddess OctoGoddess

Of course for the FINAL and FIRST day of Devor-mas is your chance to send one more gift to me. One big tribute is all that stands between the end of your current meager worship and the beginning of true intimacy between us. There is no better time than now to start your new life of devotion and service. You will finish this clip knowing exactly what I want from you, and you will finish your current boring existence by doing something big, scary and incredibly sexy.

Watch this clip here:

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Then send that ONE FINAL AND FIRST TRIBUTE on the platform you watched the clip on so we can end this charade of playing and begin a NEW intimate D/s total power exchange!