Reasons why I offer captioned clips and a list of available clips!

I love to use a lot of dialogue in My solo clips that weaves a femdom fabric of wordplay, double entendre and mental mindfuckery. It makes sense that I would start offering OctoGoddess captioned clips on Clips4Sale.

I want lots of devoted submissives, slaves and fetishists to join My fempire of Matriarchal Dominance.

That means offering My clips in as many formats as possible!

Here are the reasons I decided to start offering captioned clips exclusively on My OctoGoddess Clips4Sale!

If you’re looking for the updated list of current and backlog captioned clips, scroll down or go here.

  1. Accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Captioning is an essential tool for ensuring accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. By providing text representation of spoken dialogue, captions enable these individuals to comprehend and engage with the content effectively. Captions bridge the communication gap, allowing them to fully participate in all the excellent debauchery and depravity in My content. For this primary reason I am offering OctoGoddess Captioned Clips on Clips4Sale for less than the non-captioned version.

  1. Improved Comprehension

Even for individuals without hearing impairments, captions enhance comprehension and understanding. Captions serve as a visual aid, reinforcing auditory information. They help My customers really sink in to their subspace by seeing what I’m saying and feeling everything deeper. Not only do I create the dialogue, I also write the parenthetical descriptors, it allows Me another, subtle way, to communicate with the viewer.

  1. Accessibility Across Different Environments

In today’s fast-paced world, My videos are consumed in various settings and environments, including public spaces, churches, and straight weddings. In such situations, My perverts often rely on captions to enjoy videos without disturbing those around them. Captions provide a discreet way to follow My dialogue and absorb the content without the need for audio. This versatility ensures that videos can be accessed and appreciated in a wide range of environments, accommodating diverse perversions.

Captioning is a powerful accessibility tool that significantly enhances the porn-watching experience, particularly in My mindfuck JOI’s and solos. From improving accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing and enhancing comprehension, captions offer numerous benefits for all viewers. By offering captioning, content creators and platforms can ensure inclusivity, extend their reach, and provide an enriching experience. OctoGoddess captioned clips are exclusively on Clips4Sale because most other platforms restrict uploading to one format of the content. I’d love to see a more accessible landscape by embracing captions in videos and allow creators to upload them!

List of Current OctoGoddess Captioned Clips on Clips4Sale

“Mommy’s Blow Job Tips for Sluts” 10 mins

I’ve heard from all My wannabe sluts and decided to teach ya’ll just how to give a great blow job worthy of entertaining Me! This is the perfect clip for sluts of any gender who just want to be good little cock sucking cumsluts for Mommy! I’ll not only share some great tips, I will give you the pleasure of seeing Me illustrate on one of My pretty bitches.

“Just for Alphas” 15 mins

This is both a positive and cruel humiliation kink perfect for fans of forced bisexuality from a hot cougar! Don’t settle for less than what you deserve, as a Master! 🤣

“Be a Ken in a World of Men” 13 mins

Allow Me to introduce My doll boyfriends, all of the Kens are here and they get into all sorts of sexy trouble. I’ll show you what I do to, and with, My kens while I tell you why I enjoy having doll boyfriends over men!

“My Holiday Dinner” 15 mins

You have just arrived in a bright, white kitchen, a fresh bundle from the butcher. You are mesmerized by the woman speaking as she circles your body, inspecting it, checking for quality. She has long grey hair and big red glasses, she appears quite… passionate about preparing this meal, your body it would seem.

“Laughing Pines Asylum” 13 min

The first installment in The Moore Files lore, this clip introduces the shady Dr. Moore and her unethical use of tickling as a psychiatric treatment. This clip was inspired by tickling forums and fanfic!

The Moore Files 01” 13 mins

The Moore Files is back with a true crime inspired podcast style audio featuring your favorite evil psychiatrist, Dr. Moore! The captioned video features the cover art and a looped background graphic. This is a truly unique piece of fetish content.

The Moore Files 02” 18 mins

In this episode Dr. Moore details her inappropriate methods of penile restriction, humiliation and feminization to treat Mr. Urner. This clip features SPH and chastity used for strict behavior modification. See if you can figure out what inspired this particular bit of revenge fantasy!

“Caught Sniffing My Shoes” 12 mins

Caught sniffing and licking shoes by your Girlfriend’s Mom! I walk in on you, naked, in your girlfriend’s bedroom and see just a pair of very used flats in front of you. You’ve been sniffing and licking them, thinking they belong to My daughter, your girlfriend, but they are really Mine and *now* I know exactly the kind of pervert you are!