OctoGoddess flexes her left bicep and wears a tight red tank top that reads "girls, gays and theys"
It's a departure from conventional content, offering a fresh and authentic perspective on submission to serving Dominant Women. If the words that I say don’t send your mind whirling, My glorious curves and divine feet will
blurry picture of woman showing bare feet to camera, soles look slick and oily
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Mother Mary Holy Goddess
I’ll share what I love about incest Mommy fetish play, how I engage with it and I’ll even share my favorite clips of mine that feature it!
Reasons why I offer captioned clips and a list of available clips! I love to use a lot of dialogue […]
All the exciting OctoGoddess 2023 updates from Miss Devora Moore and her fempire of fans and submissives! Miss Devora Moore, […]
Goddess Devora Moore Grey Hair Red Eye Glassess
Choice is my love language. Let me pick. Give me freedom to please myself in my own manner. Choice lets me choose and consent allows for one of those choices to be no. At 46 my intuition, my love of self and my fetishes harmonize together to create the music that you’ll find me dancing to if you ever catch me home alone. It might also be Lizzo.
I love tarot cards although some say it is a scam. You will find that my cards speak truth to your identity as a fool. Play my Game of Fools to find out!
Devora Moore Quiver Tickling Fetish Clip Tickle Torture Sadistic Sensual Sexy MiLF Femdom Trans Porn Domme OctoGoddess Tentacle Ten-Tickle Hooker
Tickling is one of the most underappreciated fetishes. It is a delicious blend of emotional masochism, physical discomfort and, my […]