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This era of porn is rich with variety and you can even get your sexual fantasy created from an array of talented craftspeople. But how to buy custom porn...
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As I grow older my desires and requirements for love and relationships have evolved and continue to do so. Consider this my valentine to any prospective partner out there. Here's how to deliver My Kind of Romance...
We love to eat food, it’s pleasurable and arousing, but we don’t like what happens when we process the food to operate our body with. I find eroticizing that discomfort to be quite intoxicating. I put a smell on you and now you’re mine.
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Like Cinderella’s step sisters I had spent most of my adult working life shaving off parts of my personality to fit in the company culture more and it was getting harder and harder to balance on the small pieces left.
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My delicious sadistic imagination created TWO clips that will have you mindfucked and triggered by the same tools American propaganda have already successfully used.