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Coming to terms with my unconventional desires as a kinky queer 45 year old.

I’ve spent more Valentine’s Days functionally single than paired up in a conventional romantic partnership. As I grow older my desires and requirements for love and relationships have evolved and continue to do so. A handwritten poem scribbled on a napkin at a bar doesn’t quite do it for me anymore. Consider this my valentine to any prospective partner out there. Here’s how to deliver My Kind of Romance…

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Dear person (he/she/they or it),

My name is Devora Moore. Like many Queens before me, this was not the name I was given upon birth. This is a name I claimed for myself, built from scratch, much like the skills and talents I possess as an artist and Dominatrix.

Take just a moment to appreciate the details in my name and you will gain a greater understanding of my power. If you aren’t here to worship my power then you can kindly see your way out. I only have an interest in those who crave to submit to me.

Since you are still here, go ahead and obey your first command. Say my name with me, Devora… It sounds very sexy, like a moan whispered from the depths of subspace as you fall deeper and deeper in love with me. Say it again and feel it this time. Devora…

Devora like devour. Devora like devote. Devora like devious, adore, vore. Moore as in insatiable. Moore as in unashamed greed. Moore as in never enough.

You have started to see what my kind of romance sounds like. It’s not all breathless, whispered commands and sensual domination, though, as my humiliation and degradation exists alongside my soft sensuality and body. They are twin rivers that have their own flow but intersect often and with tumultuous results.

Many of my fetishes fall under the umbrella term: emotional sadism.

I am aroused by the outward expression of extreme emotion. You will laugh but you will also cry. You will feel emotions in ways you have never felt before and I will taste every expression until I find the right combination to please me.

I’ve no doubt you’ve seen me play with others and wished to be in their place. Know that each toy, doll or pet will have a different usefulness. I bore easily and my interests are wide and varied. Let’s see how far we can stretch you.

How about a date in which I ruin your expectation and your orgasm?

Pegging in Leggings is nearly a 20 minute genuine femdom first date POV that will leave you aching for the second date.

Pegging in Leggings

Strap-on Yoga Pants & Ass Worship!

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Oops did I rush into the butt stuff too soon? Let’s take it back a few steps and just get to know each other.

What do you say we meet up for coffee or something a little more…*savory*?

First Date Coffee or Pee?

To keep me interested you’ll have to do whatever my sadistic imagination can come up with…

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If you were ever so lucky to be brought back to my house, you should be fair warned that I keep a restraint system under my bed at all times and enough pink lingerie to find something to suit you…

First Date Tickling

This cougar caught a new pretty prey to torture, who’s next?

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Tickling is one my favorite fetishes but since I am not ticklish, the only way to tickle my arousal is through your wallet. I expect anyone who claims to love me and desires to serve me to be useful to me. Nothing is more useful than cash so open your wallets, your minds and your hearts when approaching me with an offer of romance. There is nothing more romantic than being given large sums of money just because I am a beautiful woman of great power.

Let’s get started on building something intimate, weird and kinky together. Start with a financial introduction to make a good impression.