Mother Mary Holy Goddess

The appeal of incest Mommy fetish play lies in the mental and emotional depth it offers.

I met with a client for the first time today and he asked me quite a few questions about my incest fetish, particularly my Mommy fetish. Since no man is a wholly original creation, I thought I would pass that information on…for the benefit of any future perverts that want to pursue my services or otherwise. So, I’ll share what I love about incest Mommy fetish play, how I engage with it and I’ll even share my favorite clips of mine that feature it!

First, a word on fantasy. What I do is role playing Mommy (or Aunt, or Mother-in-law), in no way do I actually condone incest. It almost feels absurd that I have to mention this but BDSM is about consensual negotiated roles and scenes between adults. I don’t engage with this fetish with anyone who I feel is confusing reality with negotiated roles. What I love about incest Mommy fetish play is the mental and emotional depth and breadth. Physical intercourse isn’t necessary to establish an erotic connection with my clients in these roles.

You have to earn a Mother like me!

Now, understand that it feels very real when I am Mommy. It is a fetish that I share with my clients, meaning I find erotic pleasure from being Mommy/Aunt, whatever. However, I don’t like when clients or prospective ones talk to me in role without consent. You have to earn a Mother like me! If you’ve ever sent me a message that started by calling me Mommy, or some derivative, that is why you never got a response. 😒

My client asked today if I ever given someone a fetish that they didn’t have before and I answered him with my incest Mommy fetish. Hard limits aside, I have presented my views of this often maligned, misunderstood fetish that make people think twice about it. Read on and see if you come away with a different understanding. In fact, you can also watch a clip where I do that exact thing!

Giving you My Mommy Fetish

13+ mins/$19.99

Follow my JOI and allow me to seduce you into the taboo…

Let’s primarily establish that incest as a narrative tool has a long history in our culture. Anyone who rolls their eyes at all the stepbro porn has clearly not read any folklore, mythology or the Christian bible. Pornhub categories did not invent this fetish, it’s as old as time itself. No amount of kink shaming will keep it from being a quietly popular fantasy for many, many people. Deep taboos are deeply hot and you can’t shame me out of my own pleasure.

The range of familial archetypes are one of the biggest things I love about incest Mommy fetish play. Mommy can be sweet and generous, like I am in How Mommy Shows Her Love. Aunt Trudy can be weird and inappropriate but she’s family so you have to do what she says. Step-Mother can be cruel and disgusted by your Mommy fetish. Mommy can be manipulative and abusive like I am in Soup. I’ve seen too many people fall victim to a lack of imagination and think they wouldn’t enjoy incest fetish play because they limit the role to Mommy = Good. Mommy is both good and bad, she’s selfish and giving, she’s kind…until she’s not.

Mommy is both an idea and a person. I can be the construct of Mother or I can be your Mother. They are different but similar. Sometimes I am both. In Mother Mary, I am Mary, Mother of Jesus talking to him while breastfeeding him as an adult. My take on Mary is vengeful, cruel and sadistic. This clip has brought people to tears.

Mother Mary

12 min/$19.99

You’ll never see the virgin birth the same after watching…

Which brings me to the next reason I love incest Mommy fetish play; eroticizing trauma is incredibly therapeutic and also just really fucking sexy and a fun thing to do. Our upbringing affected us in incalculable ways, we carry trauma from our parental figures whether we are aware of it or not. We don’t get to choose the ways our family fucked us up, wouldn’t it be something to choose instead to eroticise those roles and play them in a way that we can control the outcomes?

The final question I was asked was when the fetish started for me. That’s a tougher question to answer. I remember reading, and being quite excited by, Flowers in the Attic. In fact, I never sought out incest porn myself, though. I never really watched any porn until I started making it.

The first video I ever filmed, Closet, was really just a personal sex tape with my live-in slave/partner at the time. So many of my early duo clips were just us playing in the way that we normally interacted. We were a 24/7 D/s couple who both enjoyed the fetish and just decided to record our relationship. Those clips are still some of my favorites, the earnestness and sincerity in them are second to none. As payment processors started cracking down on adult content, I pivoted to other relations, like Aunt Trudy. Soon I am going to start a Mother-in-law series that is going to knock yer socks off!

Here are my most loved incest Mommy fetish play clips in a top 5 list…

  1. Closet The first ever clip I recorded and still one of my favorites! So tender and so wrong…
  2. Mother Mary Blasphemy and revenge? Yes, please!
  3. Disgusted StepMom Handjob This is the most meta clip in my catalog as I play the viewers StepMother and also myself. You’ll just have to get it to see what I mean…
  4. Evil Mom Recording you This clip is just very, very mean…and I love that!
  5. Soup This is the only clip in my whole library with penetrative sex and it’s also one of the most fucked up Mommy’s!

 The appeal of incest Mommy fetish play lies in the mental and emotional depth it offers. You can see that range in my clips and experience it in person, if you can afford it! 😘