octogoddess devora moore edging

My delicious sadistic imagination created TWO clips for July 4th/Independence Day that will have you mindfucked and triggered by the same tools American propaganda have already successfully used.

Experience over 14 minutes of edging, creative, colorful brainwashing, visions of my feet, ass and breasts in red and white pantyhose and blue and white mesh lingerie in “Red, White and Blue Balls”. Edging is one of my favorite fetishes! You will experience my unique, playful sadism while I tease and deny you with tempting images of my red, white and blue outfits! Featuring sheer pantyhose, lingerie, pearls and my long glittery blue fingernails. You get to see me tease you with a dildo while I stroke it, suck it and play with it in all the ways I won’t be playing with your dick. My mental domination is equally matched by my curvy, voluptuous body. My words will get in your mind, my images will burn in your eyes and you will turn into a puddle as I give you specific instructions on what to do when you are close to cumming. Follow my commands, fall in love with my mind and body and learn how to please me the most.

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“Let FemDom Ring” Over 11 minutes of my irreverent take on a holiday, like only Mommy Devora Moore does! It looks like American Independence Day, July 4th, but you’re getting a lesson in true freedom instead. American men are not REALLY free, manhood and the patriarchy have been oversold to you, just like the big lie that America is the greatest country. Your true freedom is being the foot freak, humiliation pervert and submissive you want to be and only FemDommes let you do that. Embrace your role as servant to the coming female leaders, start now by giving yourself consensually to ME, to use as I see fit. You’ll find the ultimate freedom in wearing my collar and belonging to ME, you’ve already made up your mind, now you just need to pledge to put it to action! Start today by buying this clip to Let FemDom Ring! Lovers of financial domination, MiLF Dommes, BBW, Foot Fetishists and creative humiliatrix will enjoy this clip.

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