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Favorite Resources for Kink Education   I wanted to be part of the kink scene for many years before I did. It always seemed like a closed-off, exclusive club that I would never be permitted to enter. I assumed I needed to know someone who would get me in. I even had a good friend go out with someone she met online who took her to a local dungeon and I begged her to go out with that guy again so she could learn more…   All I really needed to do was turn to the internet.   Of course I had to sift through mountains of shit once I got there, so I will point you in the direction of some of my favorite resources for kink education as well as pitfalls of common ones.   Fetlife:   Let’s just get the basic bitch out of the way! Fetlife is a bit of dumpster fire but if you know what you’re looking for, or what to look out for, you’ll be much better off. Fetlife is the kinky internet throwback that just can’t shake their reputation. Established in 2008, it calls itself a BDSM social media site, not a […]
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OctoGoddess Kinky Origins Part 2 How I discovered my kink side…   So here I am, early 40’s exploring dating for the first time in my adult life. Between my marriage and the last long term partner, I was basically in monogamous 7 year relationships back-to-back. I tried vanilla online dating. There is no vanilla dating anymore. I had dates who asked to cum in my ear, licked my eyebrows and liked it when I showed off my heavily bruised legs from my intense workouts. The very first online date I ever went on told me that I was intimidating and couldn’t make eye contact with me. I was flattered. I didn’t kiss him or go out with him again but it opened up the possibility that there was a lane for me. It took me a bit to bring myself completely over to only dating kinky. I had many, many years of filtering my personality and making myself more manageable to undo. I still have moments, pretty regularly, that I have to remember I don’t have to do all that now. I was an evangelical Christian for longer than I’ve embraced my Domme title. This shit takes time.   […]