Date Night, a cuckold erotica   Goddess is on another date tonight… Yeah I know. I deserve this. I’m just a stupid boy and it really is a mercy that Goddess has only tied me up to the bed and not dismissed me outright. But you’ll keep me company won’t you? Yes I know you will. You are already sucked into Her garden, Her tentacles are wrapped around your ankles, pulling you closer like the leather cuffs around mine, spread eagle, attached to the footboard. Just lean into it, if you fight it, it will hurt more. Her training really is to bring out the best in you. Take it from me, you don’t want to be here…imagining Her out on Her date. What is that other boy doing right now? Has She touched him yet? Will She hold his hand? Will he get to kiss Her perfect mouth? Don’t be fooled by my dick springing up and straining against the rope. This really is just awful. Psst, can you come closer, loosen these binds just a bit? I won’t tell, I promise. I’ll be in as much trouble as you anyway. NO, wait, don’t go away… OK, OK…you didn’t […]
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Favorite Resources for Kink Education   I wanted to be part of the kink scene for many years before I did. It always seemed like a closed-off, exclusive club that I would never be permitted to enter. I assumed I needed to know someone who would get me in. I even had a good friend go out with someone she met online who took her to a local dungeon and I begged her to go out with that guy again so she could learn more…   All I really needed to do was turn to the internet.   Of course I had to sift through mountains of shit once I got there, so I will point you in the direction of some of my favorite resources for kink education as well as pitfalls of common ones.   Fetlife:   Let’s just get the basic bitch out of the way! Fetlife is a bit of dumpster fire but if you know what you’re looking for, or what to look out for, you’ll be much better off. Fetlife is the kinky internet throwback that just can’t shake their reputation. Established in 2008, it calls itself a BDSM social media site, not a […]
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OctoGoddess Kinky Origins Part 2 How I discovered my kink side…   So here I am, early 40’s exploring dating for the first time in my adult life. Between my marriage and the last long term partner, I was basically in monogamous 7 year relationships back-to-back. I tried vanilla online dating. There is no vanilla dating anymore. I had dates who asked to cum in my ear, licked my eyebrows and liked it when I showed off my heavily bruised legs from my intense workouts. The very first online date I ever went on told me that I was intimidating and couldn’t make eye contact with me. I was flattered. I didn’t kiss him or go out with him again but it opened up the possibility that there was a lane for me. It took me a bit to bring myself completely over to only dating kinky. I had many, many years of filtering my personality and making myself more manageable to undo. I still have moments, pretty regularly, that I have to remember I don’t have to do all that now. I was an evangelical Christian for longer than I’ve embraced my Domme title. This shit takes time.   […]
A Chance Encounter* written by slave s *OctoGoddess Erotica Fanfic As you aware, my little minions, I have always enjoyed being immortalized in prose! This fantasy origin story of my ownership of slave s has been sitting on my computer for ages. I had slave s update it with a warning for you, dear readers! I will let them get on with the story, enjoy some OctoGoddess Erotica Fanfic today! –Devora And now, once again…in slave s’ own words… Back for more, eh? I can’t really blame you. It’s safe for you there, behind your screen, on your phone…you can really walk away at any time. You could turn away right now. In fact, I’d advise it. If you still can, that is. You’re not really ready for this, are you? Let me pose this to you…have you found your mind drifting off and thoughts of Her start filling in the blank space? The bricks to Her Temple…She is building it in your mind, while you are unaware. If She hasn’t been in your mind, your dreams, your thoughts…your fantasies then you should probably walk away now. It’s still safe for you. You can go about your life and never […]
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TubTalks with Goddess Devora by Devora Moore Cash is LOVE Typically, often ritually, My preference is for nighttime baths, but as TubTalks with Goddess Devora have become much more popular, I resort to many daytime baths. Solitude is a service unto it’s own. There is a gift in being completely yourself and completely alone…and satisfied with both. Here is a little bathtime fantasy as well as links to episodes of my podcast, TubTalks with Goddess Devora!  My bathtime fantasy! Chill instrumentals play, some flutes, drums…a weird hipster spa playlist Alexa thought I would enjoy. Could this be playing in someone else’s home? A boy sits at a computer, fidgety, knowing he aches for something he can’t quite put his finger on…   He aches for Me. A Goddess, a Queen to obey, a Woman beholden to no one, relaxing in a eucalyptus and peppermint scented salt soak. There’s a whole big glass jar in My bathroom full of LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars, but today Epsom salts for My achy muscles. After a workout and some time outside tending to the garden, I need the healing of these waters and not just the pretty and pleasant smelling colors of […]
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Rise and Serve, an erotic tale from slave s Wherein a past submissive of Devora’s recounts a memory or fantasy Beloved family, I have been honored in many works of art over the years, but I have quite a fondness for seduction via the written word. Several of my current, and past submissives have recounted some of their prized memories of me for various storytelling events and kinky open mics. I have gathered those writings for you here, to enjoy, and get a glimpse of what it feels like to be in my personal stable. Slave s served me for many years before he withdrew from my fempire. He once fashioned himself a prophet of my very own religion. Here is a naughty storytime entry he once gave at an open mic event. Enjoy! –Devora And now, in slave s’ own words…   Sunlight filters in the bedroom window, lit through the slits in the blinds. Shadows and light creating patterns on the linen sheets. Pink sheets. A queen size bed. A Goddess in rest. And a small cat sleeping curled up next to Her. She dons a silk gown to bed. The soft fabric now wrapped around Her body […]
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OctoGoddess Tattoo Origin part 1 by Devora Moore   Why OctoGoddess, you wonder? My entry into the public kink sphere happened alongside healing from a heartbreak which I marked with a big back tattoo of an octopus.    That clears everything up, right? No? I will grace you with the OctoGoddess Octopus Tattoo Origin Story…be sure to show your thankfulness.   My relationship of almost seven years ended in late April in the year of our Space Mom’s death, 2017. Rest in power Admiral of Mental Health and feistiness. That break up gutted me, even though I initiated it after 6 months of my partner not being able to decide whether he wanted to continue monogamy with me or the affair he had begun having with a coworker. I had never felt as hopeless, as alone, as broken. I couldn’t eat, I barely slept for weeks after, until the SSRI’s finally took hold. But I was determined not to let this narrative define me. I focused on therapy, my friendships and building a strong body. My 42nd birthday was mid June and I wanted to celebrate with my friends.   I had reserved a cabana at a local waterpark for […]