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Favorite Resources for Kink Education


I wanted to be part of the kink scene for many years before I did. It always seemed like a closed-off, exclusive club that I would never be permitted to enter. I assumed I needed to know someone who would get me in. I even had a good friend go out with someone she met online who took her to a local dungeon and I begged her to go out with that guy again so she could learn more…


All I really needed to do was turn to the internet.


Of course I had to sift through mountains of shit once I got there, so I will point you in the direction of some of my favorite resources for kink education as well as pitfalls of common ones.




Let’s just get the basic bitch out of the way! Fetlife is a bit of dumpster fire but if you know what you’re looking for, or what to look out for, you’ll be much better off. Fetlife is the kinky internet throwback that just can’t shake their reputation. Established in 2008, it calls itself a BDSM social media site, not a dating site, despite the fact that many primarily use it as such. One of the first things I did was set up a Fetlife profile. It is not something I recommend my prospective subs or newbie friends do immediately if they haven’t already. Rather I will guide them into how to use Fetlife to present themselves in their local scene or look for local communities. As far as education goes, there are much better resources out there!


This is where Fetlife shines: events and education!


Many dungeons and metropolitan areas will offer free or quite reasonably priced educational events. The dungeons local to me are offering online events right now to anyone across the country! Munches, which are events where kinky people gather but nothing kinky or NSFW occurs, are key to finding friends in your local scene. Keep in mind anyone can create an event so use common sense. That porn star may not be coming to a hotel near you to film a gangbang scene with a bunch of randos from the internet. Some of the groups will be more educational than others so be discerning and you might find a great resource for kink education, too.


So now you know not to go to Fetlife first, so where do you start? Go here…



Join right away and start watching some of 2000+ videos. Still not sure check out this page of free videos to peruse! Kink Academy is operated by Princess Kali, a lifestyle and pro-Domme who is also a published author and educator. You will find educational videos for all kinds of fetishes presented by skilled artisans and educators in those areas. I highly recommend following both Princess Kali and Kink Academy on Twitter. While you’re on Twitter, check out the feeds of some of my favorite educators:


Dirty Lola & Sunny Megatron


What I love most about Dirty Lola and Sunny Megatron is they don’t separate the kink from the outside power dynamics in society. Just because we practice consent and risk awareness doesn’t mean that BDSM is safe from the systemic issues that plague our society. In fact, I believe kinksters can be better equipped to have these conversations since we are used to having conversations that others find uncomfortable. Dirty Lola has even created the Loladex, her curated list of sex-positive BIPOC LGBTQ and Disabled people to follow!


Sunny Megatron is also co-host of (and, in my opinion, the brains behind) the American Sex Podcast. With a revolving list of edutainers, both old guard and new rising stars this is my favorite podcast for kink and sex education! Some of my favorite episodes are 87, 95, 104 and 108…you’ll just have to listen to them yourself to hear. 


Those are just a few of my favorite resources for kink education, what are yours? Leave me some comments and links and I’ll check them out!


If you want to hear my personal podcast episode on this topic, check it out here: 


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