Date Night, a cuckold erotica


Goddess is on another date tonight…

Yeah I know. I deserve this. I’m just a stupid boy and it really is a mercy that Goddess has only tied me up to the bed and not dismissed me outright. But you’ll keep me company won’t you?

Yes I know you will. You are already sucked into Her garden, Her tentacles are wrapped around your ankles, pulling you closer like the leather cuffs around mine, spread eagle, attached to the footboard.

Just lean into it, if you fight it, it will hurt more.

Her training really is to bring out the best in you. Take it from me, you don’t want to be here…imagining Her out on Her date. What is that other boy doing right now? Has She touched him yet? Will She hold his hand? Will he get to kiss Her perfect mouth?

Don’t be fooled by my dick springing up and straining against the rope. This really is just awful. Psst, can you come closer, loosen these binds just a bit? I won’t tell, I promise. I’ll be in as much trouble as you anyway.

NO, wait, don’t go away…

OK, OK…you didn’t come here to listen to this useless loser anyway. You’re here for the Goddess, only She has gone out and I am left here alone, naked and all tied to the headboard and footboard and a rope tight across my tiny cock. Wait here while I tell you about the first time She left me alone while She went out on a date. Perhaps She will come home and have a need for both of us to serve.

You knew She was on Her way home from the text She sent earlier from the gym. Since then you’ve been waiting by the door, naked, as She desires you to be whenever possible. She’s only just started allowing you to remain in Her home, Her private sanctum, unattended. It is quite an honor so you have been very diligent about obeying Her. It’s only been a few months since She first placed Her hands around your neck and you knew from then on that you would never go back to your previous life.

You would never be the same.

“Welcome home, Miss.” You hold the door open to Her, the breeze from outside chilling your naked skin and causing goose pimples to spread out over your exposed flesh. She reaches out, hands you Her gym bag. You take it without hesitation.

“Thank you, boy.” She places Her hand behind your neck and squeezes, causing Her fingernails, painted in a lovely dark purple, to bury themselves in your skin. The front door is still open and you let out a moan as your dick rises. You can smell the sweat on Her skin, see the patches of perspiration under Her arms and you imagine between Her legs…

She must know that your thoughts have drifted off. She clears Her throat.

“Can I bring You anything, Miss?” Of course, you have been doing this training protocol for months now, but sometimes you just get distracted by Her.

“No, boy, I have a date tonight. I need a shower and to be properly attended to first.” A date? Your heart sinks into your chest.

“Yes, Miss, have I not pleased You?” There’s a quiver in your voice, a genuine hurt, you knew She had other boys, other service, but She was always so discreet about it and made you feel so very special. You were beginning to think you were Her favorite.

Her eyes narrow as She looks at you. Wrong question, you just realized your error and it’s too late. You kneel and place the bag on the floor, you place your head lower to Her gym shoes and in a volume just above a whisper you say

“Goddess, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

She begins to walk away, Her shoes brushing your chin. You stay still awaiting Her further command. No more mistakes, no more mistakes. You keep saying it over and over in your mind. No more mistakes.

First you were a little heartbroken that She was going out when you were right here, ready to please but now you are even more broken at the thought of disappointing Her.

You remain looking at the floor, wondering what She is up to when She comes back with a dining room chair, dragging it next to where you kneel.

“Get up.” She says, you try to read Her voice. Is She angry, upset? Her voice seems very neutral and you are at a loss for understanding.

“You want me to sit?” You rise.

“Yes” You see in Her other hand are the leather handcuffs and the silk belt that goes around her robe. You sit in the chair and

She fastens the handcuffs to your wrist behind the chair,

stretching your shoulders and arms around the back.

“Goddess, I’m so sorry.”

“I know,” She comes around in front of the chair and sits in your lap facing you. “Listen, boy, you aren’t Mine yet. You still need much training and you fight Me every step of the way…”

“No Goddess, I am not fighting You.”

“Don’t interrupt Me and don’t disagree with Me.” Her voice has taken a sharper tone now. “If I say you are fighting Me, don’t fight Me further. In fact, I know just what will keep that disobedient mouth in line.” She comes close to you, the tightness of Her workout leggings pressing against your naked body. You feel the dampness and heat from Her Temple. Smells of Her sweat and body rising to meet your face. You keep your face still while She brings Her lips closer to yours. She brushes Her pink and soft lips across yours but you do not make a move to kiss Her.

You let Her take control as She wishes to do.

“I am going to go out on a date tonight,” She is barely whispering in your ear. “You will wait for Me here in case I am in need of service when I return. But first I require a shower, I had hoped you would bathe and prep Me but I see now that you are not ready for that. Instead you will have to watch, if you can, while I get ready for another man.” Her nails are digging into your chest and you squirm a little from the excitement you feel when She takes this control over you.

Just as quickly as you start to slip into your submissive state of bliss, She gets up and closes the door and you feel the chill of Her body and warmth leaving your own. As quickly as that realization sinks in, She starts undressing and you get excited once again. She peels Her socks off and brings them over to you, rubbing them in your face. You inhale deeply and know just what to say this time.

“Thank you, Goddess.” You begin to think She is prepping for a foot session, but instead She peels off Her tight gym leggings and you watch Her, your breath and pulse quickening. When She gets to her underwear, She takes them into Her hands and comes over to where you are sitting.

“You will be more careful about so rudely interrupting Me in the future, won’t you?”

“Of course, Goddess.” You have no idea what is coming next. She has never done this before. Then again most everything She does to you, you are experiencing for the first time. You can’t help but steal a glance at Her Temple, now free from the binds of Her pants. You want nothing more but to please Her, placing your mouth and tongue at the gates of Her Temple, giving Her the offering of yourself.

She’s told you that your eyes darken when you get into service and pleasing Her, you wonder if She sees that now. You take a deep breath, readying yourself for however long She will use you.

“Open your mouth.” You obey and close your eyes imagining the pleasure of Her juices flowing down your mouth and face. Instead, just as quickly you are robbed of that image as a pair of dirty and smelly panties are shoved in your gaping mouth. She takes the silk tie and pulls it in front of and around your mouth a couple of times to make sure they don’t fall out.

“Now you won’t be getting any smart ideas about asking Me stupid questions anymore.”

“Yesh, Goddesh” You muffle into the panties, tasting her juices, the fibers of the cotton already starting to dry out your mouth.

“Good boy.” I’m going to take a shower. I may or may not have need of you after.

Hope you enjoyed my cuckold erotica, pets. Listen to episode 4 of my TubTalks podcast, here: It’s all about cuckolding!



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