Date Night, a cuckold erotica   Goddess is on another date tonight… Yeah I know. I deserve this. I’m just a stupid boy and it really is a mercy that Goddess has only tied me up to the bed and not dismissed me outright. But you’ll keep me company won’t you? Yes I know you will. You are already sucked into Her garden, Her tentacles are wrapped around your ankles, pulling you closer like the leather cuffs around mine, spread eagle, attached to the footboard. Just lean into it, if you fight it, it will hurt more. Her training really is to bring out the best in you. Take it from me, you don’t want to be here…imagining Her out on Her date. What is that other boy doing right now? Has She touched him yet? Will She hold his hand? Will he get to kiss Her perfect mouth? Don’t be fooled by my dick springing up and straining against the rope. This really is just awful. Psst, can you come closer, loosen these binds just a bit? I won’t tell, I promise. I’ll be in as much trouble as you anyway. NO, wait, don’t go away… OK, OK…you didn’t […]