A Chance Encounter* written by slave s *OctoGoddess Erotica Fanfic As you aware, my little minions, I have always enjoyed being immortalized in prose! This fantasy origin story of my ownership of slave s has been sitting on my computer for ages. I had slave s update it with a warning for you, dear readers! I will let them get on with the story, enjoy some OctoGoddess Erotica Fanfic today! –Devora And now, once again…in slave s’ own words… Back for more, eh? I can’t really blame you. It’s safe for you there, behind your screen, on your phone…you can really walk away at any time. You could turn away right now. In fact, I’d advise it. If you still can, that is. You’re not really ready for this, are you? Let me pose this to you…have you found your mind drifting off and thoughts of Her start filling in the blank space? The bricks to Her Temple…She is building it in your mind, while you are unaware. If She hasn’t been in your mind, your dreams, your thoughts…your fantasies then you should probably walk away now. It’s still safe for you. You can go about your life and never […]