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TubTalks with Goddess Devora

by Devora Moore

Cash is LOVE

Typically, often ritually, My preference is for nighttime baths, but as TubTalks with Goddess Devora have become much more popular, I resort to many daytime baths. Solitude is a service unto it’s own. There is a gift in being completely yourself and completely alone…and satisfied with both. Here is a little bathtime fantasy as well as links to episodes of my podcast, TubTalks with Goddess Devora!

 My bathtime fantasy!

Chill instrumentals play, some flutes, drums…a weird hipster spa playlist Alexa thought I would enjoy. Could this be playing in someone else’s home? A boy sits at a computer, fidgety, knowing he aches for something he can’t quite put his finger on…


He aches for Me. A Goddess, a Queen to obey, a Woman beholden to no one, relaxing in a eucalyptus and peppermint scented salt soak. There’s a whole big glass jar in My bathroom full of LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars, but today Epsom salts for My achy muscles. After a workout and some time outside tending to the garden, I need the healing of these waters and not just the pretty and pleasant smelling colors of a bath bomb.

 My feet will make you weak…

Often My feet are outside of the water, My tub being only so long. Propped on the edge of the far side or My big toes playing with the tub faucet, pushing the shower lever up from the inside so small streams of water slide down My tan and smooth feet.

My toenails are a dark black red, courtesy of a new boy trying to make a good impression. They still look just as fresh and shiny as the day I got them done. I love My tan feet. It’s the end of summer although a sticky thickness still lingers in the air. The AC is still on, even now as I lay in warm, but not hot, water.

My legs…arms…My chest

…anywhere the bright heat of the sun kissed as I laid out in My bikini many a Saturday in My yard. Skin the color of the bamboo tray balanced on the edges of My tub. It holds My notebook, pen, some blueberries with lemon curd, whipped cream and toasted almonds. The finer things are just fine for Me. I had quiver prepare it before I dismissed him.


The water runs down My foot as I hold it under the spout, beading off My well-moisturized skin…sensual in how the veins and muscles just under the thin layer of flesh change as I point My toes or spread them out.


I have a clawfoot tub fantasy, with many devotees attending to My needs.


TubTalks with Goddess Devora Moore bathtub bubbles OctoGoddess

See the tub. In the middle of a room. One of those English, Victorian ones with the high back and curved sides. Small, rough-hewn wooden stools around the sides and at the head and foot. For a special few deemed worthy to attend to My bathing. Skilled at massage. Fingers that don’t poke or prod, but glide and tease My feet and toes, my legs, my thighs to slowly relax and open up.

A decent massage is so hard to come by.

My subs are well trained. If they did not know how to attend to the needs of My muscles before, they do now. My regulars teach the new ones. They show how and where to touch, how to ask for permission to move on to more sensitive areas and how to finish with a teasing and delightful orgasm. They must be taught before they come to Me.


In my fantasy, many hands are moving up and down My back, reaching and unlocking all of My knots and kinks. Slipping further down, hesitating…waiting for a nod from Me to proceed closer to My Temple. I shake My head. Not yet. I close My eyes and lose track of how many hands are on My body. Five? Eight? 


They circle My breasts slick with oil from the bath. My large nipples respond in kind and a moan escapes from My mouth. That’s better. I can feel a growing and warm wetness below that mixes with the oil in the bathwater.


“Please…” Is it one voice or all of them in chorus that begs with such yearning? 


Water is so sensual. The gentle currents teasing Me instead of the apt boys fingers. The way My pubic hair floats and moves…oh, you’ve gone looking for My feet again, haven’t you?


They are size 8, proportional to My body. They love spa pedis, to be rubbed and worshiped. I am not ticklish, the soles of My feet will arch for your tongue but only after a nod from Me to proceed. Respect My body, always ask if you can serve Me.


Yes, My personality, My superior intellect and My humor are what attracts most. But My feet are what you are invited to worship first.


If you enjoyed this intimate invitation to my bath, you will adore my podcast, TubTalks with Goddess Devora. It is available exclusively on my fanpage where my subscribers get free access to the current weekly episode. Check out each episode below or all available in my clipstore here. Then answer my survey question below!

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How many TubTalks have you listened to?



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  1. A beautiful fantasy, Goddess. One that i share as well. Your pleasure is our ultimate goal. Thank You for sharing this with us.

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