OctoGoddess Octopus Tattoo Origin Story Devora Moore Goddess

OctoGoddess Tattoo Origin part 1

by Devora Moore


Why OctoGoddess, you wonder? My entry into the public kink sphere happened alongside healing from a heartbreak which I marked with a big back tattoo of an octopus. 


That clears everything up, right? No? I will grace you with the OctoGoddess Octopus Tattoo Origin Story…be sure to show your thankfulness.


My relationship of almost seven years ended in late April in the year of our Space Mom’s death, 2017. Rest in power Admiral of Mental Health and feistiness.

Carrie Fisher SpaceMom

Rest in Power, SpaceMom!

That break up gutted me, even though I initiated it after 6 months of my partner not being able to decide whether he wanted to continue monogamy with me or the affair he had begun having with a coworker.

I had never felt as hopeless, as alone, as broken.

I couldn’t eat, I barely slept for weeks after, until the SSRI’s finally took hold. But I was determined not to let this narrative define me. I focused on therapy, my friendships and building a strong body. My 42nd birthday was mid June and I wanted to celebrate with my friends.


I had reserved a cabana at a local waterpark for Saturday with a tour of a nearby gummy bear factory and planned brunch and a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art for Sunday. Just a typical Gemini celebration: a seemingly contradictory mix of low end fun and high end class!


But get on with the octopus tattoo story, right?


The museum had an exhibit from Takashi Murakami called The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg. I was accompanied by my sister and a few close friends. It was an incredible exhibit. His process and art really spoke to me. He has a playful style and whimsical take on traditional Japanese art. 


The story behind the name of the exhibit comes from the behavior of octopi. If they have a trapped or diseased arm (often misnamed as a tentacle), they will eat it off to escape or avoid infection. In turn they grow back a healthy new one.


That story really resonated with me.


I walked the art and thought about this transformational power of setting boundaries of even sacrificing something we hold too tightly in order to gain something better in the end. To my sister I muttered that maybe a tattoo of an octopus to mark the occasion, would be appropriate.

And we have come to the OctoGoddess Tattoo Origin…

I had a few other smaller tattoos. A butterfly on my left shoulder from my 20’s. Yes, even a Goddess can be a stereotype. I got a briar rose design on my center back, just below my neck, when I turned 30. A symbol from an erotic fantasy series that the main character has on her back. Click here to learn more about this tattoo and series of books. I had a few small stars on my wrists on one behind my ear in the colors of the chakras but it had been years since I was last inked.


I had trouble healing from tattoos in the past but I still wanted one. The color had always fallen out after scabbing and multiple artists couldn’t explain why. My experiences were always walk-ins to studios and either bringing in ideas or choosing from designs in books. It was the first time I partnered directly with a tattoo artist, as I got my other ones done when I was younger, had less patience and money.


And clearly you can see that everything worked out beautifully…

OctoGoddess Octopus Tattoo Origin Story Devora Moore Goddess

Seeing a woman in a local store with a beautiful floral piece on her arm, she recommended her artist, a local female artist who did very beautiful black and white natural designs. I made an appointment to visit her and see if she would create a design. She listened to my story, my inspiration and looked over a few photos from the exhibit. I did not want a direct copy of Murakami, more like an original piece inspired by him. I purposefully chose a female artist and I still try, where possible, to choose female owned/operated businesses where I can.


She was confident the color would be fine. “Your other tattoo artists, all men, they probably went too deep and for too long.” She insisted on keeping it bandaged for 24 hours after with petroleum jelly (dinosaur bones she called it) generously covering it. I trusted her. 


When I first went in I was thinking of another small design on my right shoulder to balance out my back, each design representing a decade in my adulthood and showing my progression from youth through embracing my sexuality to understanding and demanding what’s healthy and right for my life.


She thought it should incorporate the other designs and bridge from one shoulder to the other. If it was going to be that big, I want to be able to see some of it for myself, instead of having to look in the mirror. I asked that the far arms of the octopus reach around the front of my shoulders. She sketched an outline and laid it over a picture of my back. Yes, I said. It was much larger than I had thought and ended up taking longer than I had anticipated.


Just like healing itself.


We incorporated the rose as if the octopus was holding it and the body of the octopus was filled in with a rose stamp-like design in shades of red and pink. The singular eye, with eyelash, is directly Murakami as well as it’s more anime inspired and less natural looking shape. The butterfly is embedded in the head of the octopus, you wouldn’t notice it if I didn’t point it out.

I will be getting more octopus themed work done as soon as it becomes safe to do so. In the meantime, help me support my artist friend and pay towards my new ink here!

Coming soon… part 2 to read about how it became my local BDSM scene brand and then on to becoming an erotic fantasy provider, the next installment in the OctoGoddess Tattoo Origin Story will be found here! Make sure to sign up for my email newsletter so you don’t miss when it posts!


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