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Rise and Serve, an erotic tale from slave s

Wherein a past submissive of Devora’s recounts a memory or fantasy

Beloved family, I have been honored in many works of art over the years, but I have quite a fondness for seduction via the written word. Several of my current, and past submissives have recounted some of their prized memories of me for various storytelling events and kinky open mics. I have gathered those writings for you here, to enjoy, and get a glimpse of what it feels like to be in my personal stable.

Slave s served me for many years before he withdrew from my fempire. He once fashioned himself a prophet of my very own religion. Here is a naughty storytime entry he once gave at an open mic event. Enjoy! –Devora

And now, in slave s’ own words…


Sunlight filters in the bedroom window, lit through the slits in the blinds. Shadows and light creating patterns on the linen sheets. Pink sheets. A queen size bed. A Goddess in rest. And a small cat sleeping curled up next to Her. She dons a silk gown to bed. The soft fabric now wrapped around Her body from tossing and turning. The sheets too, caught in binds of Her own creation. A captured sea nymph, a beached mermaid. Soft deep breaths escape from Her slightly parted lips.

Devora Moore blog rise and serve slave s bedroom view

You, boy, are on the floor. One of those oversized dog beds filled with lumpy polyester, and you must assume a fetal like curl to fit on it. You are awakened first by the cat, she gets up, stretches her tiny body in an arch, let’s out a long yawn showing her sharp teeth, padfoots her way to the end of the bed and looks over.




A short, truncated sound emerges from her mouth. She is awake and ready to be fed. You don’t stir, you just got to sleep only a little bit ago. Your Goddess required service during the night and your unrequited desire throbbed for hours after while She drifted off to dreams. Maybe the cat will go back to sleep, maybe you didn’t hear her after all. Just a few more minutes you think.




Longer, drawn-out. Gutteral. Demanding. “Shhh” you whisper. “Don’t wake Goddess” you plead in your mind with the animal. You could lay there a little longer, risk the chance of Goddess waking before you have prepared Her day, get just a little more sleep. Maybe it would happen. Maybe it would make all the difference in your day, an extra 20 minutes of sleep. But if it didn’t it would mean not being the first thing She sees on waking, not being there for Her waking smile and feeling simultaneously so lost and so found in Her eyes. 

“Don’t wake Goddess”

You stretch your back, stiff from being arched while you slept. You raise your arms and almost hit the iron bedpost above your head. Oh, close one. No more putting it off…you rise, tuck the sleeping pallet under the bed. It is not yours, you own nothing here. You can’t deny your morning erection straining under the pink lacy panties She picked out for you to wear to bed. The cat meows, Goddess will begin stirring soon, your desire is but an inconvenience at this point.


First you attend to Goddess. You unplugged Her phone after midnight service, it was already 100% full and you didn’t want it to overcharge and drain the battery. Still full battery. Good. She isn’t completely awake yet, but She will be soon. You hope there will still be time to gaze upon Her sleeping after you have finished the morning routine. She makes you so happy and so fulfilled by just being there, in front of you, breathing. Her very power and femininity felt in its most pure moment.

You had no idea that serving a Domme would also mean serving her cat.

The cat is already waiting by her food dish. She sits on her back legs, her front legs straight and paws lined up right next to each other. She is very prim and demanding. You had no idea that serving a Domme would also mean serving her cat. But it brings Goddess to giggles when you wait on her animal friends as well as you do her human ones.

You walk to the kitchen, bare feet on the cold floors. You follow the rules about preparing the cat’s soft food, mixing equal parts of 2 kinds just the way she likes it. As you walk out of the kitchen holding the dish, the cat meets you and begins curling her way around your feet, looking up and meowing even louder. You have to gingerly watch where you are walking so as not to step on her. She zigzags underneath you, causing you to change your steps several times until you make it to her designated eating area and place the dish on the floor.


A smile forms across your lips at how many times you brought Her to orgasm


As you ready the pour over coffee and prepare Her tray, routine muscle memory sets in and you find your mind daydreaming to the service you provided Goddess earlier. A smile forms across your lips at how many times you brought Her to orgasm. You rode out each one, your mouth buried in Her Temple as wave after wave crested over your face. She called out your name, any other boy would’ve stopped after 2 or 3, but you kept pushing her beyond…stacking each ecstasy on to one another like  bricks in her Temple…the one She is continually  building in your mind. Where you go to serve Her when She is not around. It is dark and warm and smells like roses and earth. You lose all sense of self there, your only purpose being Her divine worship.


You’ve carefully ground the beans and put the kettle on for hot water. You slice up some bananas, strawberries and add it to Her yogurt and granola. You place the honey pot and dipper on the dark wooden tray along with the yogurt, a spoon, a napkin and as you wait for the coffee to finish you step out in the cool spring air to snip a fresh cutting of rosemary to garnish the tray with. 

you’ve lost your erection in the business of the morning,

and don’t really care.

At this point you’ve lost your erection in the business of the morning, you barely notice and don’t really care. You carry the tray to Her room, the cat has already curled up in a patch of sunlight near the window having eaten just a bit of her breakfast but happy with your service nonetheless.


Goddess is not yet awake. You are relieved. You place the tray gingerly on the side of the bed opposite of where She lay. You come around to the other side and kneel next to the bed. You lower your gaze, watching Her chest rise and fall with each deep breath. You can not look upon Her straight on. You can’t take in all of that power in your near naked state. Your dick twitches. It’s worthless to Her and you know it. You can’t help your reaction, one of her breasts is nearly out of the gown, a small section of pink brown nipple begins to peak out of the silk. Your breath catches in your throat and you think

you might ruin your panties

if you stare any longer. She won’t be pleased with that. She will make you wear them on your face if you do. She turns over and Her face is closer to your own. Is She awake? A sly smile begins to form on Her face, Her signature smirk. She knows you are there, She is teasing you.


You can’t help the wide, pleased grin that forms over your mouth. “Good morning Goddess” you say, your voice just barely above a whisper, cracking with nerves and excitement. 


“Boy” a long, drawn out syllable, forced through the breath on her lips. The word sounding like a song from Her lips. Like a favorite tune that you know by heart. She lets out a deep breath and begins to unravel Her body from the tangle of linens. You know you should help Her but you are momentarily paralyzed by Her beauty. Everything aches, the deep throb of your very, now embarrassing, hard penis. The butt plug straining against your clenched cheeks.

Your knees on the floor.

It’s probably only been 30 seconds, but times stands still in Her presence. She sits up, yawns, stretches her body just like the cat did earlier. Her lovely breast has freed itself completely from the confines of the silk. She catches you looking and giggles as she tucks the deviant flesh away. Reaching out, She strokes your ear with Her left hand and you lean into Her palm. At that She digs Her nails in to the back of your neck and you moan. An instant response, your body just giving in to Her divinity.


“You’re taking too long, what’s for breakfast?” She grabs a handful of your hair and jerks your head back. You are snapped out of your dreamy repose. “Yes Goddess” you mumble, rise and place Her tray over Her lap. She looks over the tray.

“What have you forgotten boy?”

Goosebumps instantly on the back of your neck where her claws were earlier. You scan the tray nervously. Coffee, yogurt, spoon, honey. Oh no…


“I’m so sorry, Goddess, Your boy has forgotten Your vitamins.” She sighs, clearly disappointed and it feels like the sun has gone away. You can’t look at Her now, you can’t see that hurt in Her eyes. 


“Take it away.” Her voice has dropped an octave. No longer the sing song musical tone, it’s a harsh and punishing tone.


“Yes Goddess.” You remove the tray, walk it back to the kitchen worried what She will do to you and knowing that whatever it is, She thought it was more important than eating. You feel a lump form in the back of your throat. Will She cage you up again? Will She require you to serve Her friends? Will She go an entire week without speaking or looking at you? Her power is natural, creative and, most certainly, awe-inspiring. You walk back toward Her bedroom.

“Bring the brush.”

Goddess Devora Moore Mommy Mindfuck Spanking Hairbrush FemDom

Her voice is raised, terse. You didn’t think you could get any harder, but your body betrays you. You’re thankful you are not locked away in chastity, the pain of the metal bars would be too much to bear right now. Grateful for the little things, you think and chuckle to yourself…the little things, like your dick. She would like that joke. But, She’s not in a playful mood right now. Then again if you were in chastity you probably wouldn’t have made such a mistake. Perhaps She will lock you up again for it. But, for how long this time?


“I’m waiting” You go to her vanity near the window and retrieve Her vintage wooden handled brush. There have been times She asks you to brush Her hair and feeling those silken strands in your hands brings you such joy. You don’t think this is going to be one of those times. You hold the brush out while you kneel next to the bed. She takes it from your outstretched hands.

“You know what Mommy requires.”

It is not a question. Mommy requires obedience but it is not enough to tell Her, you must show Her. She makes a checkmark motion in the air with the brush, She does a similar one with Her fingers and it means ‘take off all your clothes’. She has trained you with some hand motions, there is one for kneel, one for strip, one for come here and one for go away.


Your hands shake as you peel down your pink panties and your dick springs up. Fuck, She knows you so well. What you need, what you desire. Your face burns red hot with embarrassment. She motions to Her lap with the brush and you lay your body across, Her exposed thighs sandwiching your hard erection. You let out a soft moan. Her body is so warm and even just feeling Her touch as she lightly caresses your ass cheeks makes you want to curl up in Her embrace forever.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

She asks while stroking you with her right hand, the hairbrush laying next to Her somewhere. She must have put it down and now you will not know when She picks it back up and the sting will come as a surprise. Her voice has gone soft now but there is still iron behind it. How do you even begin to answer that? You are just a man. You will never have anything to say that is worth Her hearing. She begins to stroke along the ridge to between the cheeks, your body instinctively responds, your legs parting a little bit to give Her access to your very eager hole. A purple handle sticks out from the butt plug and She taps it a little sending shivers all over your body.


“Nothing, huh? You’re speechless?” You forgot you had a mouth, a tongue, you forgot She asked you a question, you were just hung on Her pleasurable teasing like tenterhooks.


“I’m S-s-sorry.” She pulls Her hand back and you steady yourself.


“For what?” 


“For not taking care of you the way I should have. For not giving you everything you need, desire and deserve.” You feel shame, fear and ecstasy all in the same breath. You feel a little precum drip off the tip of your dick rubbing against Her. You know She feels it on Her thigh, and you also know how excited that makes Her. You await a blow that doesn’t come. Instead She reaches through your legs to pull your balls back so they are also exposed along with your buttocks. Oh shit.

“Please Mommy” you beg. “I won’t do it again, I prom-….”

You can barely get the last syllable out before Her hand comes down with a solid fleshly smack on the underside of your cheeks and right on the engorged ball sack. Your body jerks away, causing your dick to rub even closer to Her very wet and warm Temple. She clears Her throat and takes your face into Her cupped left hand and looks right in your eyes. “Just breathe.” She says and you don’t even realize how long you had been holding your breath. You exhale and with a deep satisfaction say “Thank you Goddess.”

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